About Heard Concrete


Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Heard Concrete is a full service well established commercial concrete construction corporation. Incorporated in 1989, we specialize in cast-in-place and tilt-up concrete projects. We have earned a reputation in the private sector as a fast-track, go-to team player, and have a vast amount of federal experience. Heard Concrete has performed over 60 contracts for federal government projects in the last 5 years alone, and has been awarded over $20 million in contracts with Virginia International Terminal.

Having fully owned assets makes Heard Concrete a very self-sufficient and responsive option with a specialized fleet of machinery and equipment, including a slip-form paving machine, a concrete pump truck, a laser screed paving machine and a fleet of graders, dozers, backhoes, excavators and finishing equipment.

As a matter of company policy, we treat our staff well and invest regularly in a wide variety of comprehensive safety training.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone on our team goes home safe to their families at the end of every day. We can guarantee a strong work ethic from our loyal, experienced crews who are eligible for cleared access to perform unescorted work in secured areas.

Heard Concrete has completed some of the most high-profile projects in the area, with some of the most distinguished prime contractors.  We have a steadfast commitment to the complete satisfaction of every customer. We will not take a job unless we are fully confident that we can exceed the customer’s expectations.   In fact, that’s what we are really all about; exceeding every customer’s expectation on every job we accept. Years of experience in construction have taught us that a satisfied customer can be one of our most valuable assets. Cutting corners at the risk of straining a valued relationship or losing a satisfied customer is not an option.