“Concrete makes Strong Construction”

Heard Concrete has three major objectives for each project we take on: Safety, Precision and Speed. We understand the construction industry and we are highly motivated to please our clients.

Our comprehensive safety program and its results afford us the ability to work in some of the most dangerous environments, and for clients with some of the most stringent criteria for approvals. Each site Foreman holds required jobsite-specific Safety Talks every day. We perform random drug testing on entire crews. Personal protective equipment is manditory; this rule is enforced on all job sites. Our EMR for 2010 is .79; we consider that number a reflection of our resolve to protect our employees and those in other trades who are working beside us.

We take a great deal of pride in our craftmanship. Does your runway need to be smooth as glass? Does your floor need to super-flat? Do your 250lb anchor bolts need to be dead nuts? The more difficult the job, the more separation between the what the typical concrete contractor will do and the work Heard Concrete will produce. We love a challenge; Heard Concrete is eager to assist in design build and value engineering.

It’s true that speed benefits us as much as it does our clients–from the moment we hit the jobsite, we are working feverishly to get off it. We get projects done more quickly than the competition, a huge value added component of working with Heard Concrete! We can provide an activity schedule on bid day, and we will NEVER be the weak link on site.

We would be happy to provide your company with an estimate, and then follow it up with safe, high-quality, quick work. Just click on the link below to send an invitation to our estimating team.