MH60S Hangar and Airfield Improvements


Norfolk Naval Base – Norfolk, VA

Heard Concrete Construction installed 740,000sf of airfield paving using a truss screed and slip-form paving machine. The slip-form paving machine is the newest and largest of any by a VA Corporation. The pavement was 6” to 10” thick. Installation included initial sawcut and dowel installation with aircraft anchor tie downs in the center of every panel. The mix was a 650 Flex and was placed at a 2” slump. Concrete was delivered in ready mix trucks. The paving was placed in 30’ wide strips averaging 500 yards per placement.

Project Information:

Engineer: Clark Nexsen
Final Cost: $3,959,453.00
Project Manager: Jack Ellenor
Superintendent: Chris Swartz
Prime Contractor: Hourigan Construction
Project Completion: 2010
Challenges: Site logistics and coordinating with airfield operations

Reference Contact Information
Prime Contractor: Hourigan Construction
Contact: Lawrence Ramsay
Address: 4429 Bonney Road, Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA 23642
Phone: 1-757-499-3438