Special Boat Team Ops Facility


SOF Special Boat Team 20 Ops Facility NAB Little Creek –  Norfolk, Virginia

One of the newest buildings at Little Creek Amphibious Base is the SOF Special Boat Team 20 Ops Facility.  This building was designed to offer class room settings on the second level and specialty storage and use of the first level.

One unique challenge of this project was the poor soil conditions of the site.  This lead to a completely pile supported foundation and slab on grade.  The foundation is typical pile cap and grade beam over concrete piles. The slab on grade is 8” thick and is reinforced with (4) layers of rebar throughout.  Theoretically, the sub-grade may slightly sink over the years; however, the structural concrete will remain as constructed with full integrity

This project also included heavy duty concrete paving, cast-in place trench drains, cast-in place concrete arms vault, heavy duty manhole tops and utility box lids.

Project Information:

Architect: Naval Facilities Engineering Command – Mid Atlantic
Final Cost: $14.9 Million
Project Manager: Andy Williams
Superintendent: Ronald Reinert & Jason McCormick
Prime Contractor:  Sauer Inc.
Project Start: June 2009
Project Completion: 2010

Challenges:  Inclement weather

Reference Contact Information
Prime Contractor: Sauer Incorporated
Contact: Will Roseborough, Project Manager
Address: 11223 Phillips Parkway Drive East
Phone: (904) 262-6444
Email: will@sauer-inc.com