Virginia International Terminals


Virginia International Terminals  – Norfolk, Virginia

Virginia International Terminals maintenance group has an ongoing relationship with Heard Concrete to make emergency and scheduled concrete repairs for various site conditions. The types of repairs include retro-fitting existing trench drains to allow higher wheel loads (200,000psi), repairing manhole lids and heavy duty paving repairs.

Heard Concrete along with VIT and Moffatt & Nichol has designed various repairs for the port with great results. 

The logistics of working around heavy port traffic and demanding client schedules were daily challenges; all were met with a perfect safety record.

Project Information:

Architect: Moffatt & Nichol
Project Manager: Andy Williams
Superintendent: Rodger Gregory
Prime Contractor: Virginia International Terminals
Project Start: 2009
Project Completion: On going
Challenges: Site logistics, heavy port traffic and multi-year phasing

Reference Contact Information
Owner/Contractor:  Virginia International Terminals, Inc.
Contact: Eddie Stevens, Foreman, Facilities Group
Address: P.O. Box 1387, Norfolk, Virginia 23501
Phone: (757) 440-2886